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Online Contractor Health & Safety (H&S) Prequalification


Before you work for Miller Creative Group (MCG), a manager or supervisor must do this prequalification:

1) Read this page. Tick “I understand” for each section.

2) Fill out your Contact Details.

3) Answer the Questionnaire.

4) Tick each box in the Agreement.

5) Click ‘Submit’.

Once complete, your company will be approved as a contractor for three years. Be aware:

  • ALL people working for MCG must know and follow our H&S policies. Discuss this information with your employees or put up a copy of this page in your break room.
  • You must give us extra H&S information for some jobs.

Please ring 0800 500 803 if you have questions. Thank you for your time.

Safe Work Environment

  • Our commitment is to provide a safe and healthy work place
  • Ask if you need assistance or report any problems


  • Keith Cooper – Managing Director
  • John Cooper – Chairman of the Board, Director
  • Iain Mackay – Director
  • Mark Tyrrell – Director


A MCG Project Manager will be your main contact. The Project Manager will:

  • Supervise Health & Safety. 
  • Organise meetings and inspections. 
  • Investigate accidents and incidents.
  • Coordinate emergency response.
  • Ensure MCG policies are followed.
  • Deal with the client.


  • Hazards on site can hurt people. 
  • We will tell you about known hazards.
  • We will tell you how hazards are controlled.
  • If you see a hazard that isn’t controlled, tell the Project Manager or your supervisor. 
  • We sometimes use a Hazard Board to list known hazards and site rules. If a Hazard Board is used, read and follow rules on it.
  • You must participate in site Health and Safety Meetings, if asked.
  • Use correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If you need PPE, tell your employer.


  • You must be trained and competent.
  • If you are not fully trained, you must be supervised by a trained and competent person.
  • You must have a current Site Safe Card. Visit for more information.
  • Before starting work, electricians must show: 
    • a current practicing license; or
    • an apprentice’s trainee limited licence


  • Don’t use alcohol or drugs on site. Don’t work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you break this rule, you will be kicked off site and banned from working for us.
  • If we suspect you are working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you must take a drug/alcohol test (at our expense).


  • Tell the Project Manager about ALL accidents or incidents (near hits). 
  • Don’t cover up accidents. Report them!
  • Report notifiable accidents/incidents to WorkSafe. Visit for more information. 
  • Accidents and incidents must be investigated, to find out: o why they happened. 
    • how you can stop similar accidents/incidents from happening again.
    • MCG might investigate accidents/incidents. You must help us with this, if asked.
  • MCG might investigate accidents/incidents. You must help us with this, if asked.


  • Tell the Project Manager if you:
    • Use medication that could affect safety; or
    • Have a medical condition that could affect safety.
  • The Project Manager will keep medical information confidential. It will only be used to make sure people are kept safe. You can see any medical information that we hold for you, and request alterations if you think it’s wrong.


  • Tell us if you are using hazardous substances (substances that are explosive, flammable, oxidising, toxic, corrosive or toxic to the environment.)
  • Give us a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for your hazardous substances.
  • Tell the site supervisor if your work could endanger others – will you be producing strong fumes, flammable vapours etc?
  • If you spill a hazardous substance, clean up the spill if you can safely do so. If not, get a hazardous waste disposal company to do it. Report spills to the Project Manager. 
  • Dispose of hazardous substances safely. Don’t pour them down the drain. Don’t pollute.


  • If using your own mobile scaffold/Elevated Work Platform:
    • It must be safe and fit for purpose.
    • You must be trained to erect and use it.
    • Use safety devices (harnesses, kickboards etc) to prevent falls and dropped objects.
  • When working at height, plan how to safely do the job and record this in a Task Analysis (TA) or Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Give us a copy of the TA or SWMS.
  • Notify WorkSafe if you’re working at heights of greater than 5m. Visit for more information.


  • If you behave unsafely, we will investigate.
  • You can face these consequences:
    • A verbal or written warning.
    • Work being stopped until issues are fixed.
    • Being kicked off site.
    • Being removed from the project.
    • Losing your approved contractor status.
  • We will report reckless or illegal behaviour to the authorities.


We need evidence that you have good Health & Safety systems. Please upload evidence as described below. If you don’t know what to do, ring 0800 500 803 for help.

Your Health & Safety Policy Statement.

Evidence that your staff are trained and competent e.g.:

  • Training and Competency Register
  • Training Certificates
  • Scans of relevant trade qualifications (Electrical Certificates etc)

Evidence that you record and control hazards e.g.:

  • Hazard Register.
  • Hazard Board.
  • Hazard identification form.
  • Minutes from a meeting where a hazard is discussed.

Evidence that you record and investigate accidents and incidents e.g.:

  • An Accident and Incident Register.
  • A completed Accident/Incident Reporting form.
  • Minutes from a meeting where an accident/incident is discussed.

Evidence that you engage with your staff about H&S e.g.:

  • Minutes from a Health & Safety meeting.
  • Evidence that you have Staff Representatives.
  • Evidence that you give staff the opportunity to offer feedback.

Evidence that you plan for emergencies e.g.

  • Emergency Plan
  • Trial Evacuation Record


To show your understanding, answer these questions.


Your form has been sent. We will get back to you shortly.

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